One day kasab oman tour from dubai



Take a full-day dhow excursion to Khor Sham that will never be forgotten when you board our beautifully decorated wooden Omani dhow. Sail by breathtaking mountains and tranquil white sand beaches as you pass through fjords and azure waterways. Sail and snorkel at Seebi Island and Telegraph Island, then take in the dolphin show at the fjord entrance. Savor delicious aboard lunch along with soft drinks, fresh fruit, coffee, and tea. Take in the breathtaking exploration of nature. Make your Khor Sham dhow cruise reservation right now to have an exciting and relaxing day!




A lovely orchestra to the soul, our Musandam Khasab venture unfurls as the sun-kissed waves dance underneath the sky blue sky. Envision yourself going through a smooth excursion where harmony and miracle are entwined all through everything about. A serene safe-haven is in store as we unwind to the delicate mumble of the dhow journey — a knockout wandering through ethereal fjords.

Let the hints of beach front life resound in your heart as you step past the ordinary; each fjord is a novel section in the wonderful work of nature. Lose yourself in the hug of sandy sea shores warmed by the glow of Omani nightfall’s in the origin of the sounds, where time stops still. Appreciate the enthralling dolphin artful dance, their enthusiastic demeanors mirroring the satisfaction that wonderful nautical embroidered artwork tells.

The oceans captivate you with an amicable tune of flickering clearness, encouraging you to investigate a domain where swimming and swimming change into a hit the dance floor with the sea’s secrets. Allow the sea to embrace your soul of experience and feel its unadulterated hug.

In the midst of this journey, a gastronomic mother lode lies coming up: an Omani lunch, a banquet past taste, a portrayal of the lively culture that enhances these shores. Envision yourself savoring every piece, the preferences a tune that repeats the beat of the surf.

Furthermore, as we float profound into the fjords, permit the experience to have a getting through impact at the forefront of your thoughts — a demonstration of an unprecedented journey. You become something other than a vacationer on this experience; you become an essential note in the ocean’s orchestra and a piece of the normal texture.

Show up with us as we investigate the profound scene, where the ocean and the spirit meet and where each wave holds the chance of disclosure. Musandam Khasab is here to imprint its story on your heart.

Tour Type
(Per Person)
Child (Age 3-9)
(Per Person)
Child (Age up to 2 years)
Cruise + Dinner Buffet
AED 125
AED 115
Free of charge
Cruise + Dinner Buffet + Sharing Transportation (Within Dubai City limits only)
AED 160
AED 150
Free of Charge

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  • 06:00 Pick Up from Dubai
  • 08:30 Border Crossing Formalities
  • 09:30 Arrival at the Harbour
  • 10:00 Departure for Full day cruise to the fjord Khor Sham
  • 16:00 Back to Harbour
  • 17:00 Border Crossing formalities
  • 19:00 Drop off to Dubai
  • Dubai Two-Way Transfer Dubai’s Khasab (optional)
  • Whole-day Khor Sham Dhow Cruise
  • Onboard lunch and unlimited refreshments
  • Water, Tea, Coffee, and Soft Drinks
  • Swimming and Snorkeling with Gear
  • Life vests and towels
  • Possibility of seeing dolphins and marine life
Important Guidelines
  • UAE Exit Fees is AED 35 per person & Single Entry Oman Visa is OMR 5 per person
  • The Passport & UAE Visa (for UAE Resident) should be Valid for more than 90 Days
  • You must Carry Original Passport with you to Cross the Borders respectively.
  • You should have Valid Vehicle Registration & Insurance with Oman Coverage.
  • If you do not have Vehicle Insurance, you can buy it from Oman Border.
  • If you are Renting a Vehicle, you must carry NOC from the Car Rental Company.
  • Vehicles under bank loan will not be allowed to Exit UAE border.
  • Alternatively provide Vehicle Clearance Certificate from Bank or relevant authority if its cleared.
    The Vehicle can only cross the Borders if the Owner is present in Person.
  • Holders of UAE Single Entry Visa will be cancelled upon Exiting from UAE border.
  • The Dependent Visa holder should travel with the Sponsor to get Entry Visa to Oman.
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Additional Border Crossing Fees

UAE Resident Visa Holders (including children) :

UAE Exit Fee AED 35 + Oman Visa Fee OMR 5 (Total amount of AED 85)

UAE Tourist Visa Holder(selected nationalities):

UAE Exit Fee AED 35 + Oman Visa Fee OMR 5 (Total amount of AED 8)

Booking Policy:
  • All booking should be directed to by email or call at +971 4 447 3839.
  • Reservation Office Timing:
    9AM-7PM, Monday to Friday
    9AM-4:30PM, Saturday
  • You must provide clear details of guest name, number of guests, date of tour, and pick up location (if SIC transportation is required).
  • All prices shown are inclusive of VAT where applicable.
Booking Cancellation Policy:
  • More then 5 Days prior the arrival -no charges.
  • Before 2 Days prior the arrival – 50% charges for the services.
  • Within 12 hours of the tour – 100% cancellation fee & not refundable.
  • NO-SHOW – full amount will be charged.
  • Any delay or cancellation of the transfer or excursions due to unforeseen forces of nature(Force Majeure) or events beyond the 1st party reserves rights to cancel any part of schedule programs offered for seasons of force majeure; government decisions, bad weather conditions, or similar…..
  • Incase of any guest complaint, the 2nd party shall immediately refer the complaint to 1st party.